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Do people usually come to you for advice and you have a positive impact on them? Do you see great potential in people and get frustrated when they don’t exercise that potential? Are you ready to create more personal and financial freedom? Have you envisioned getting certified as a coach or even launching your own coaching institute?

Clients are 80% more likely to attain goals with a trained and certified coach. Shekina’s company, Intercontinental Coaching Institute, is helping people across the country to get certified to coach and accredited to train coaches.


When girls win, we all win.

Empowering young women with healthy esteem and leadership skills enables them to unapologetically move in arenas commonly reserved for male leaders.

Do you have a passion for working with young women and girls?

Have you envisioned launching your own girls empowerment program in your city but don’t know where to start? Dr. Shekina’s B2F Girls is training women globally to empower girls.



Did you know that we invent excuses to fail? Did you also know that when we start before we’re ready, amazing things happen?

Covering relevant topics around women’s issues and discipline development, Dr. Shekina Moore delivers dynamic teachings, courses and trainings to move women from
point A to point Z.

She is helping women to move from stuck to fierce to formidable in any area of life!


She has been featured in many publications, TV and news programs, including Bravo TV, Foerbes, CW-22, WSB-TV 2 Atlanta, 108 Praise Radio, The Huffington Post, SHEEN, Connected Woman Magazine and Carolina STYLE Magazine, to name a few. She was also selected as a national semi-finalist for Proctor & Gamble’s My Black Is Beautiful Ambassador Search (2014) and is listed among the Who’s Who in Black Atlanta.


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Pegged a Gender Advocate, Dr. Shekina Moore, believes developing discipline and healthy esteem in girls is the key to tapping into their leadership capacity.

She empowers audiences with her 5 Principles for F.I.E.R.C.E. Success. She has spoken out against gender oppression and disempowerment since 1992, penning her first published article, “Blocking Out the Gender Gap”, while a high school student. This article garnered the attention of the National Press for Women. She has also authored several girls empowerment books including:  Beautiful, Big-boned and Brown; Black Girls Hear: Untold Stories of the Marginalized, Unsafe & Unwelcomed; and co-author of When Dark Chocolate is Bittersweet: Controversy Within A Culture.

Dr. Shekina worked extensively in the school systems of North Carolina and it was during this time that Shekina began to notice that girls really did not have a voice. Too often, as she experienced, we fail to recognize girls for their invaluable contributions, placing too much emphasis on their physicality and not enough on their skills. One day while watching a documentary on girls her mission and person was awakened and she questioned where their voices were and who was standing up for our girls. Her questions soon turned to solutions.

Answering that call to empower girls, Dr. Shekina launched Fierce Girl Empowerment Movement, to inspire females to show up in their own lives that they may ignite those watching and taking notes. The Movement includes B2F Girls!™, a nationwide resource for women with a calling to mentor girls; and the Tween Star Awards™, a national recognition platform for girls who are showing up in various spheres of community, academia, innovation, philanthropy, character, entrepreneurship and athletics. She is also the visionary behind many empowerment events for women and girls–the Annual AuthenticiTea & Social, B2F Girls! Roundtable and B2F Girls! ZOOM Conference.

Her work in gender advocacy has been recognized by the GA House of Representatives, the White House, and The Huffington Post. Dr. Moore was also recognized by Girls World Marketing Group as one of 50 Empowering Women Who Empower Girls.


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“I remember like yesterday the day fierce walked in the room of my heart. I began to eat, sleep, breathe, exude fierce. It was the day I decided to stop playing small and to take control of my life. People began to ask me what I was doing differently, to compliment me on my aura, to take notice when I entered the landscape. Awareness, action, intensity and consistency had finally started to show up in my life and there was nothing I could do to stop it from being evident. When you’re fierce, everyone knows it, and once you catch this fierce, there is no turning back. I look forward to hearing about the day fierce walked into your room. Much success to you. “




  • 5 Principles of F.I.E.R.C.E. Success
  • Blah to Fierce


  • Smart is the New Pretty
  • Navigating Leadership for Girls
  • Media & Imaging of Girls: How to Discover Your Voice


  • The Art of Code Switching
  • Facing Your Greatest Competitor
  • 5 Principles of F.I.E.R.C.E. Success -Youth Edition

Shekina’s mission as both a speaker and coach is simple: Help women and girls to be fierce.
That is, free, inspiring, expectant, resilient, confident and empowered!  Download your copy today.


A Certified Life, Youth, Parent and Image Coach–as well as a Certified and Licensed Educator and School Administrator–Shekina employs her depth of knowledge and experience to help both individuals and organizations to gain clarity and make an impact in their areas of influence.

Dr. Shekina Farr Moore earned her doctorate from North Carolina State University and holds her Superintendent, Principal and Teacher licenses in  North Carolina & Georgia.




North Carolina Central University, 1999


North Carolina Central University, 2004


North Carolina State University, 2016


Her Blah to Fierce movement is empowering women and girls around the country to move from mediocre stagnation to fruitful domination!

Dr. Shekina Farr Moore, Ed.D, is an Author, Gender Advocate and Master Certified Coach (MCC). She is also Co-CEO of Eroom Marketing Group, an empowerment parent company that oversees Intercontinental Coaching Institute, Literacy Moguls Publishing, Black Reins Magazine, ZOOM CON (featured on the White House’s United State of Women in 2016) and her Non-profit, B2F Girls Worldwide–a gender empowerment incubator that produces advocacy initiatives, campaigns and events.

Her passion for women is undeniable. Most recently, she has launched the FIERCE ACADEMY to inspire women to be fierce through her principles of discipline. The academy hosts empowerment tools and training courses to help women to embrace discipline and leverage it lead fierce lives. Her other women’s events and initiatives include: The Fierce Challenge; Fierce Living Coach Certification; and Life Coach Certification.



For a long time I did not have a voice and I held back my personality and kept myself in a box. I couldn’t help others in the box I was in. I had to personally develop. So, I made the investment in me. As Iyanla Vanzant would say, “I did the work!”


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Don’t be that friend that gets quiet when your friends are doing well. Let me share a secret with you… It’s CONTAGIOUS! So, stay genuinely connected and keep grinding. No time for whoa-is-me parties. Your nature is to shrink back but that’s when you should CELEBRATE AND SQUARE UP! These are signs of mature women who are winning. ‪#‎blahtofierce‬ ‪#‎thatfiercelife‬ ‪#‎fierceliving‬ ‪#‎girlbefierce‬

On your way to the top you’re going to feel everything. ‪#‎blahtofierce‬ ‪#‎thatfiercelife‬ ‪#‎girlbefierce‬


My own inspiration has always been making the little girl in me proud. As a young girl, I was very introverted and withdrawn. I didn’t trust my voice and I learned to not be seen. When opportunities came, I would shun them. When I had valid points I would let others make me feel small or like my opinions didn’t matter. My self-esteem was in a low place and it held me back. It wasn’t until I started taking on leadership roles, excelling in school and playing sports that I began to come out of my shell and see the value I brought to my teams and organizations.

​As my confidence grew over the year, I began to notice the magnetic pull and influence I had on others. I have always felt that if I felt this way as a youth that other young women struggled with the same. Today, I am very passionate about showing women how to be magnetic (what I call blah to fierce) and empowering girls with health esteem and leadership tools. This makes the little girl in me proud of who I have become and overcome.

Self esteem is crucial for girls because we live in a world that constantly tells girls how they should look and sets very narrow limits for what is considered ‘beautiful’. Girls are also told what they should and shouldn’t do professionally. We should help our daughters to value their unique beauty and stay true to themselves. While 7 in 10 girls believe they are not good enough, is there any wonder that only 3% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women? Or that only 34 women have ever served as governors, compared to 2,319 men?


A Beautiful Soul

Shekina Moore has a beautiful soul, precious spirit and the gift to see in others what they may not see in themselves. Much more than a publisher, Shekina is a mentor, a life-coach and has a heart of gold. She has guided me through the process of becoming a self-published author and for that I am grateful. Would I recommend Shekina Moore Etc.? Yes indeed--with 5 Stars!

Her Compassion For People

In October of 2012, I engaged the services of Shekina Moore to coach me through an up-leveling that I knew was about to happen in my business. I shared with Shekina what I had already done in my business but I just couldn't get myself to that place I knew I should be. For 8 weeks, she listened to my goals....and for 8 weeks she guided me to each step, helping me to achieve those goals.  It seems hard to believe that one person can see so many great things in you that you can't see in yourself. I truly thank Shekina for allowing God to use her in such an awesome way. Because of her compassion for people and true desire to help people live a better life, my life has been blessed...

Deanna Hamilton
A Valuable Contribution

Thank you for presenting “Your Greatest Competitor” workshop session at the Hyped For Education Conference. From the feedback that we’ve received, your session was a great success and we appreciate your valuable contributions to the conference. As you know, efforts were made to impact all youth during each session, and I believe that with your help, we’ve accomplished this task. Your passion, dedication, and experienced speaks volumes and your connection with the youth is something that can only be heartfelt and not bartered.

Bob Mackey
A Breathe Of Fresh Air

Shekina is a breath of fresh air! Her presence creates a space for personal transformation. It is one thing to have a calling, purpose and dream; it is an entirely different thing to have it presented to the world in a way that they can embrace it and respond to its power. Shekina not only guides you in giving yourself permission to shine with no apology, she guides you in receiving the life you were born to live in all of its greatness. She is a catalyst for personal and professional transformation.

Ericka Jackson


Inspired by my own triumphs over insecurities as a teen and young adult, I knew I had to give back in a way that was meaningful -Shekina Farr Moore


To request information and engagement with Shekina for coaching, speaking or media contacts email her here.

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Shekina will be featured in Atlanta’s Who’s Who Atlanta
Hyatt Atlanta
February 23, 2016

B2F Girls! Honored with House Resolution
Georgia House of Representatives
February 26, 2016

3rd Annual Tween Star Awards – Hampton, VA
October 22, 2016

2nd Annual AuthenticiTEA & Social – Atlanta, GA
April 23, 2016

B2F Girls ZOOM! Conference – Atlanta, GA
March 24-25, 2017

Girl Talk | AuthenticiTEA Atlanta, GA
April 22, 2017




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